Draw Questions from Bank - Include isn't working

Mar 31, 2015

If I manage "Question Banks" I don't see any way to edit the number of questions to draw from a bank.

In Story view, opening a bank gives a proper dialog with visibility to the question draw:

There is a bug when the drop-down above is changed to another question bank, the Include shows "All" which is wrong:


Here is the same dialog for the same question bank when opened from Story view:


The "Include" can only be modified for the question bank that was opened in Story view.  If the drop-down is used to view/edit any other question bank, the "Include" is not saved with that edit.

So is this a bug or operator error?




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Emily Ruby

Hello Sam,

When you open a Slide Draw for a Bank in Story View, this will give you the option to edit this particular slide draw. When you change the Question Bank in the dropdown, this is editing the slide draw that you are currently in,  and by default, when you add a slide draw from bank, it will reset to All.

So if you open from Story View and select a different Bank from the drop down, you are updating the current slide draw to change to draw from a different bank.

If you need to change the amount of questions from a particular draw from bank, it is best to open that bank directly from Story View and change it there to make sure you do not change which bank it will be drawing from.

Hope this makes sense :)

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