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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Danielle,

What you could do is use states for the drop objects, in a Drag and Drop free form question. First, start with them in a disabled state (all but the first letter). Once the correct letter is placed on the correct object, you could change the state to normal. Repeat for each letter you'd like to use, making the state change when the previous letter has been dropped on the right target. 

I've created a quick example, if you'd like to take a look:

Example for Danielle

Obviously you're not limited to the order I set up in the example, nor the disabled state appearance. You could make the disabled state look more grayed out, or something else that fits your course design.

I'm also attaching the example file, in case you'd like to see how I set this up.

I hope this works for you, or at least helps you get started with what you're wanting to accomplish