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Aug 24, 2020


I thought I had this working well and then I sent it out for User testing. And it's not working.

I want Monitoring to be the right answer for hard skill and willingness to learn for soft skill.

If you play a wrong answer and a right one, it will tell you you were wrong, if you switch it to 2 wrong answers it'll tell you you're right. When you play it a few other ways, I'm still getting wrong answers. I thought the triggers were logical. 

Any help anyone could provide would be amazing. Thanks!

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Garth Yorko

It looks like the States in your triggers for the base layer were off a little.  On the List Item layer, you change the state to either Accountability or Monitoring.  

Your Trigger on the base layer says to show Incorrect if one of the states is Selected.  Change your triggers to the State Accountability or Monitoring and it should work.  Make the same changes for the state changes on the List Items 1 layer

So, your triggers on the base layer should read:

Show layer Correct when the learner clicks the Submit button if:
The state of soft skill drop down is = to Willingness to Learn
The state of hard skill drop down = to Monitoring 

The other trigger should read:

Show layer Incorrect when the learner clicks the Submit button if:
The state of soft skill drop down is = to New Language
The state of hard skill drop down = to Accountability

You can delete the other triggers on the base layer that call up the incorrect or correct layers.

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