drop-down nonmatching quiz items?

Dec 06, 2012

I'm trying to make materials to help students prepare for the upcoming version of the GED Language Arts test. Since the test will have grammar questions that involve drop-down choices for editing options, I wanted to make my Storyline prep materials work the same way.  For example, a sentence might read:

Programming is fun __________ it can be time-consuming.

Clicking on the blank might show the following list:

; however,

, however,


.  However 

Then clicking on one choice would show that choice in the place of the blank.

The Storyline drop-down option seems available just for matching with a group of sentences, not with a single sentence and various options, as above.  I could just use multiple choice or the word bank, but I really wanted to give my students an experience closer to that of the test.

Has anyone with Storyline skills far greater than mine developed a way to have single question (not matching) drop-down quiz items? If so, I could sure use your help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dorothy,

I like your idea. Have you considered maybe using hot spots? You could even emulate the appearance of a drop down, with this, too.

I put together a quick example for you. Take a look. I'll also attach the file, if you'd like to see how I set it up.

I'm sure that our awesome community has a few more suggestions that might work for you as well. 

Let us know how it turns out!


Dorothy Stark

Thanks, Christine. I hadn't considered hotspots.

I'm sure there's a way to build on your start so that any clicked option (the correct one, but also all the others) would appear in the blank in the sentence so the student could see how various options looked and switch them in and out before clicking a custom "submit" button to check herself. There's probably also a way to use hotspots to make something that looks like a drop-down list under the blank line, too, though I'm not as sure about that. I'll have to think about things, but I really appreciate your giving me a possible starting direction. Maybe I'll submit a feature request to see if drop-downs might be a possible future quiz type option.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Christine's suggestion is a good one re hotspot. I thought I'd also post an example I'd put together based on a Mike Ender's video I happened to watch today after looking at another thread here. Mike apparently presented this at DevLearn. So, the steps are there - or I could throw a few together here if it would be helpful.

Dorothy Stark

Thanks SO much, Rebecca.  That's really amazing.  I started learning Storyline a few months ago but then set it aside because I kept running into the low memory/can't save problem.  But you've got me really excited about getting back into it.  I see now that it IS possible to make exactly the kind of drop-down quiz I need, and I'm eager to put it into practice.  If Storyline could fix the memory bug, I'd be golden.

Thanks again for your help and for the link to Mike Ender's video.  You've made my day.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Well, now you've made mine

Timing is everything. I had watched that video not too many hours before I saw your post and I thought it would match what you were looking for. I especially identified with your statement: " I really wanted to give my students an experience closer to that of the test.' I can't tell you how many times through my years of designing instruction I've repeated those words. And I'm sure most of the educators and IDs who are reading this are saying, "Yup."

Glad you're excited again about SL.Maybe check in again with an SL rep and see if the next SL "iteration" will have resolved memory issues for you?

Enjoy your weekend.

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