Drupal as an LMS?

Hi there - I have been asked about developing a course in Storyline by a client who has selected Drupal as their Content Management System and they want either the elearning course authoring software OR Drupal to act as LMS. I'm working with a web development firm who would handle the Drupal side of things, but looking for any advice that I can gather as the instructional designer/developer that would help the web developers find/build/ work with LMS capabilities.

Specifically, they'd like:

  • Tracking of completion of each module
  • Quiz score tracking (and sequential release of quizzes - can only get the next quiz if you've passed the previous)
  • Ability to take a quiz multiple times and yet have it keep the best score stored
  • Page view/time spent on module

I'm working with the client to discern if these are actual requirements or things they think should be included but looking to also determine feasibility within their timeline. If you have any advice or tidbits that you could share it would be helpful and most appreciated.


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