How do quiz slides behave in a "Track by Number of Slides Viewed" situation?

Jan 21, 2016

We have a client who wanted a quiz in their module (but NO results page.... very odd), and who is tracking by "Number of Slides Viewed". They are having some intermittent issues with tracking completion, as in not all users who finish the course are being marked as "complete" in their LMS. Trying to troubleshoot..... 

One of our team members asked this question: If a user answers a quiz question before the timeline on the quiz question slide has finished, will the course still 'count' that slide as having been 'viewed' (since the question was answered)?  Or could that be what's keeping the system from registering as complete, if a user doesn't stay on a quiz question slide long enough? Do we just need to shorten the quiz question timelines? 

Anyone have any insight? Thanks!!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ashley!

The quiz slides should be like other slides and should show visited when 'touched'.

Are you able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud?

You may want to check out what information is being sent to your LMS if you need to further troubleshoot. By default, LMS debug mode is disabled in Articulate Storyline 2 content, but you can enable it for troubleshooting purposes. Here's how.

Ashley Schwartau

We haven't been able to replicate the issue in the SCORM cloud unfortunately, and I don't think they can recreate it consistently, which is part of the problem with helping them troubleshoot! :( 

So to make sure I understand --- a slide is 'counted' when it's 'touched', not necessarily when the timeline is completed on that slide?

We will try the hidden results page, that's an idea. 


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