Duplicating layers issue - what's going on?

This keeps happening to me and I can't figure out how to stop it.

I created a layer called, let's say, 'Layer'. I then create a duplicate of it and it duplicates fine. I rename it 'Layer 02'. But when I try to duplicate THAT layer, all it does is append the name with '- copy'.

So, now I should t have 3 layers named 'Layer', 'Layer 02' and a third layer called 'Layer 02 - copy'.

But, I don't. I only have 2 layers labeled 'Layer 1' and 'Layer 02 - copy'.  'Layer 02' was overwritten by 'Layer 02 -copy'.

And I've seen this happen when I try to duplicate the first layer a third time.

Anyone else experiencing this? If so - how did you get around it?


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Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

I had that happen to me yesterday.   I think there's a couple bugs here.

  • If you're on the top-most layer and click duplicate, it renames the selected layer "Layer 3 - Copy".
  • If you have another layer above it, like Layer 4, but you select Layer 3 and click duplicate, it actually renames your Layer 4 to Layer 3 - Copy.

In both cases, duplicate doesn't actually copy over the objects from the layer you're duplicating, so I don't see how that's actually duplicating anyway.  It's just creating a new blank layer.