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Math Notermans

As Storyline360 has GSAP ( Greensock library ) built in i use GSAP's TextPlugin to edit and change any text in Storyline. For that i wrote this reusable function.

function changeText(_target,_text,_size,_color){


gsap.set(_target, {
text: {
value: _text,
fontSize: _size,
letterSpacing: "3.5px",
fontFamily: "Digital",


That you then can call at any time and change any text like this...

let staticTextField = document.querySelector("[data-acc-text='staticTf']");
changeText(staticTextField ),"Changed Text",56,'#51AE5A');

So it is a 'YES' you can change the Font used with Javascript. For the above mentioned solution you need the TextPlugin from GSAP however. ( https://greensock.com/textplugin/ )
Im quite sure you can do it also without GSAP with jQuery or pure Vanille Javascript, but as i use GSAP all the time for me this is the easiest solution.

Biggest drawback is however that Storyline doesnot support embedding Fonts for dynamic use. So when you use a Font that isnot available on the users computer...it wont show. Already did a feature request for adding either Webfonts or the option to embed custom Fonts in Storyline.