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Apr 10, 2014

Proofreading your Story line file for grammar.

Using the translation doc for QA and proofing.

Hi guys

just a little tip, when you are working with a few people on a file the QA process can sometimes be a little hard. Or when you have been looking at your file for hours developing it can be very hard to proof it for grammar.

An easy trick is to export an translation document, this provides you with all text in a word format. You can spell check this, send it to a writer for proofing or use any tools to check your text for plagiarism. You can import it straight back in after making changes, which is fine when it's you working with the file, but I do recommend to set word to  track changes if someone external is reviewing it, as import export issues are likely to occur between different version of word, also make sure the same fonts are installed on both machines.

The translation doc also provides you with an opportunity to print and walk away from your machine and edit in the park or favorite coffeeshop.

And then some...

If you like working with the translation document you can even consider using it for import and exporting text to a well planned file,  using template slides with dummy text, replacing placeholder lorum ipsum text with the translation document.

Have fun

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