Easy way to do this drop down text?


So I am copying over a lesson that was created in Captivate into Storyline 3 (see attached file). Now in Captivate a widget has been used to create a nice drop down text action. I want to replicate this in Storyline but finding it is a PITA to recreate! Any hints or tips please?


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Tom Kuhlmann

The challenge is that those widgets are pre-built forms. Do something in Storyline, you have to custom build the interaction, which is what you're running into.

There are a couple of challenges with all sorts of ideas on how to build accordion style interactions.

It just depends on how much work you want to put into the animated effect. I'll do a quick tutorial on how I'd build it. Once you get the general framework down, it's easy to build.

Jeff Forrer

Here is one I built for another user, that was simpler but he wanted to be able to have a drop-down that responded to keypress for the first letter as well.  Another way to do a drop-down, does not have elegant animation, but you can take a look, it is attached to the end of the discussion. 

Good luck.