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My boss came to me with a new challenge. I am new to Articulate and at a loss of where to start. I work for local government and our City Manager has a video message that my boss had asked me to create a sort of eCard type of vibe for it. In Storyline I am able to select a beautiful holiday background and layer the video over it. Now we have a newsletter where this will be posted. My question is how do I get the video from within Storyline to a URL that can be accessed via clicking in our newsletter? Is this even possible, thought I would start here. 



Thadd Allen, Enterprise Training Manager, City of Lakewood

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hey Thadd!  Check with your internal IT folks but as long as they're able to host an HTML file somewhere on your web server, you could just publish that entire Storyline course for web as outlined here.  Once you publish for web, your web team will just want to upload it to a server and give it a test run. Then send learners a link to the story.html file in the location where it's being hosted.  I took a look at your course and I think that would work just fine!  One thing you may want to consider too is limiting what you have on the player to make it more seamless and have Kathy's message be the focal point.  More options for customizing your player are available here!  I hope that helps!