Edit Aria labels in Storyline

Jul 21, 2023

Hi everyone,

We just had a 508 review come back from our client. They are asking us to add and edit Aria tags.  Also asking for tags, H2, Header and so on.  

My first question is does Storylines' output use Aria tags and if so can I edit them prior to Publishing?  I would assume if it does that the Aria label is created when I add Alt text to an object.  

Second question then is about the H2, Header and so on labels.  Can I edit them as well?

I simply assumed that if I add Alt text and place things in the proper Focus order ( and a couple other things ) that this was enough for a compliant course?

Thanks for any help/guidance you can offer.  

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Russ,

Happy to help out!

Looks like you're asking about semantic formatting in Storyline 360, is this correct? If so, you can check out this article which has everything you need to know about Accessible Semantic Formatting in Storyline 360: 

Additionally, you can check this article which contains some tips on how to design accessible courses: 

If you're looking for a way to add your own ARIA attribute, that isn't currently an option, but we hope the article above help with your accessibility requirements. If you have any additional questions or inquiries, open a case with our support team here to get in touch with our expert support engineers!

Hon Lai

Hi Russ,

508 compliance can be pretty simple once you know what to look out for and have a good grasp in testing these.

The headers (H1, H2, Normal etc.) can be edited in the text formatting section of the Home tab. You can create custom text styles to keep track of the different styles within your course and easily apply them.

Joe's links above give a great introduction in understanding 508 compliance, but do have a look at getting familiar with a screen reader to test your Accessibility. NVDA is free and very simple to pick up.

Russ Lickteig

Thanks for the responses! I added a section question to the Forum last week about my Slide Master headers (H1, H2...) not showing up on individual pages.  Not sure if this is a bug?  I have gone in and changed the three text boxes on each slide to match what I had setup in the Master slides.   I had found the Semantic Formatting article on Friday and followed that also.  Hopefully with these two big changes we will be good to go! I will respond back!  Thanks' again for taking the time to help!

Hon Lai

Glad to hear you're getting everything set up - unfortunately, the slide master won't retroactively apply the slide master text styles unless you already had a similar structure on the slide previously (H1 will change to the new H1), so in this case you'd have to set them individually on each slide.

For future builds, if you have your slide master text style semantics set up fom the beginning, you'll find it much easier to go from there when creating new slides, or ideally duplicating a current slide that has the correct text styles.