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Mar 09, 2023

I am creating a drag and drop interaction with a freeform quiz slide. However, I do not have the button in the quiz panel to let me identify drag items and drop targets (see attached). I also tried accessing this on a drag and drop template slide with no luck. The question works somewhat, but I cannot access the built in states, to show what was correct and incorrect. Has this functionality been moved to another location?

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Walt Hamilton

I guess I'm unclear as to what you are seeking. To identify drag items and drop targets, go to Form View. Every item on the slide is available as a drag Item if it hasn't already been added to the target list. Conversely, adding an item to the drag list is the only reason it is unavailable as a target item.

If you are looking for built in states, they are automatically added to drag items that are added to the drag list. Of course, if you create a trigger to change to Drop Correct, or Drop Incorrect, that will most likely interfere with the built-in action.

At any point, whether an item is a drag item or not, you can edit its states and add Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect. If the item is not a drag item, you will need to create a trigger to change it to one of those states. Since they are not drag items, there is no built-in action to cause conflicts.

Amelia Robinson

Walt, the items I have identified as drag items (by placing in the drag column)  do not have built-in states, which I need. The article at this link, https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-1-Drag-and-Drop-Questions, Step 1, Number 6, says I need to use the Edit Drag and Drop button, as shown in the attached image, "tutorial says."It states this will identify them as drag items and attach the built-in states. I do not have that button in either slide or form view, and listing the items in the drag column of the form does not produce the built-in states I am trying to access. How can I get these built-in states attached to my items, with or without the button the article/tutorial tells me to use? Thanks!

Walt Hamilton

In slide view, select a drag object

In the states pane (which is below the slide if you haven't moved it) choose Edit states

Add a new state

name it drop. By the time you type that much, auto-suggest will fill in Drop Correct. That is the default built-in state and contains all the built-in actions and triggers.

Repeat for Drop Incorrect

Walt Hamilton

Here's a little video I made.I promise I recorded my entire screen, and everything I did except start a new project. I've included the project, in case you want to use it.

I'd be interested in reading the tutorial, if you can send its address.

If you would attach your .story file here, someone could take a look at it, and see if there's something in it that is causing your problems.


Amelia Robinson

You have somewhat different GUI than I have. For instance, I don't have the button you have for Freeform quiz questions, must access it from the New Slide>Graded Questions menu. And I see that you also did not get the built-in states, but had to hand build them as I did. Mine required a number of triggers to change the states appropriately. I did see where you accessed certain other options, such as the stack options. That was helpful

Unfortunately, my organization does not allow me to share my files externally. I have made this work and must move on. Thank you for your help.