Edit Illustrated (vector) Characters?

Sep 03, 2021

Once you "Export Original Pose" of an illustrated character is there a way to edit those .EMF vector files? For example if I want to remove a stethoscope, tie or change a color? I've tried, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, PowerPoint etc but no luck? Thank you.

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Sally Wiedenbeck

Yes, there is a long-ago discussion that has the answer to how to do this buried in the comments. This should link directly to the relevant comment. Essentially, after importing the .emf into powerpoint, you have to select it and ungroup all, and then select all and ungroup again (ungroup total of 2-3 times). Then you can edit each individual element. To resave when finished, select all and group them, then right-click and save as image.

Jeni Risgaard

Hi - I used to use this method all the time to edit character wardrobes and accessories, but recently, I've been unable to ungroup the EMF file for any character.  When I try to ungroup, I now get an error message that says "This is an imported picture, not a group.  Do you want to convert it to a Microsoft Office Drawing Object?"  It doesn't give any other options, and converting it doesn't work.  Did something change, or is the process to save the file and ungroup different than it used to be?  I have my characters going through a series of adventures, so this is a feature I need to use pretty regularly.  

Is anyone else having this problem or know a solution?