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Dec 31, 2012

Hello Storyline community, 

Is there any way to edit the results page of the "Print Results" feature within Storyline? I'd rather not have to manually edit the report.html page. I haven't opened Dreamweaver since I started with Storyline and don't want to ruin my streak.



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Gwen Fuller

Hi Peter

I think I'm looking for a similar solution to a similar problem.  I built an essay quiz in Storyline with no results page, but I have selected the option to print the results.  When learners answer the essay questions they will have an action plan.  I want them to be able to print this action plan.  I would like to modify the report to remove some columns and modify some headers.  It's hard to follow what you referenced above because it doesn't speak directyly to Storyline and I'm not savvy enough to decipher what from what.  Can you help?

freelancer 800

Hello Storyline community,

I don't know if anyone is still looking for some ways to edit and customize the print results html output in Storyline 2. However, here's a way, which will save you the effort of editing the individual print results files one by one for each test taker.

Whenever, a project is published in Storyline, a story_content folder is created along with other files. Inside the story_content folder there is a html file called report.html. This html file acts as a template for each print results output.

I you need to make simple changes like changing the name of a table header or rephrase some words, you can create a back up copy of the report.html file and then edit the report.html directly using notepad, save it and and then close it.

However, if you need to change something that is too complicated like including number of questions answered correctly, total marks, marked deducted for wrong answers or something like that then you need to take the help of a programmer who is skilled at html.

Once edited in the way you need it, you can use it for all you articulate projects. All you need to do is publish your articulate project and then overwrite the report.html file stored in the location said above once. Then, you can generate as many results pages you want in the way you want.  I have not tested this method on LMS. Hopefully this should work!

Robert Brugger

We have noticed that printing results for a quiz that has been built to grade multiple free-form questions will only show the question type under the "Question" column.   i.e. "Pick One" "Pick Many".  We have not been able to determine what field in the report.html needs to be edited...if it is even possible.  We need to edit the table so that the learner can see which question is being referenced.   Any ideas?

freelancer 800

Hello Robert sorry for replying late. For editing the html page to obtain advanced functionality in storyline, please take the help of someone who is good at html coding else you can try using free wysiwyg html editors. It may work out but I have not tried.

However, remember that once you edit the html file suitably you can reuse it in all your courses to get the same output in the print results page. So it is worth trying.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to see on your printed results. As freelancer 800 mentioned, that would be reliant on outside skills and modifying the published output. Hopefully, someone in the community can pop in to help you out with this.

I did want to mention, in case your concern was reporting vs. printing, that to send question text to your LMS, publish for SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API (also called Experience API or xAPI).

Robert Brugger

Thanks Freelancer & Leslie...we just need to identify what the html value is for  "Page Title" in storyline and should be able to customize the print results table as mentioned earlier in the string.   

I actually think this is a BUG in storyline that should be addressed, if possible.  The expected result in the "Print Results" table for the column titled "Question" should not display the question "type" , but , instead should show the "page/slide title" for that particular free form question.  Again...this is only occurring when the quiz results page is accessing a quiz built with free-form questions. 

Joyce Aurik

Hi Robert,

I'm not sure if your question is still current. There actually is a work-around for this, I found it recently in another thread. What you do is: go to the freeform question slide, Home tab. Click on 'Apply layout' and select the clean Question layout. It will create a question title text box at the top of the slide where you can insert the title of the question that you want to appear on the results slide. Then, just change the state of the text box to Hidden.

It won't show up on your published project, but does serve as input for the results html page. The action does need to be repeated for each question though.

Hope this helps!

Mike Saunderson

I am trying to change the title,  column title and the column width. I want to remove the word student since my learners are not students and expand the response column and shrink the question column. I was successful to change the title but I cannot locate the HTML 5 line that changes the column title and width. Any help from the community would be appreciate. 


Professional Development

Hi all! I'm looking into this myself as I'd like to remove the column with the correct answers completely. Am I understanding correctly that the fix for this is:

  1. Find a copy of report.html
  2. Modify the HTML of report.html
  3. Replace the report.html file for each course authored with the modified report.html before uploading to LMS

There's no report customization tool built within Storyline360 or options for the kind of changes I'm talking about?