Editing Multiple Question Bank slides

Mar 04, 2024

Hi all.

Ok not sure if I missing the obvious here, or there are workarounds, but I am trying to edit 100 question slides (from a excel import) in a question bank, but all together rather that each one, cause that is going to take some time.

First off is the is under the Question tool tab. I want to change the feedback to None for all slides, but it seems you can only do this per slide and not by selecting multiple slides and changing this option, is it possible?

Also if you add a graded question you can select a template which is useful, but can you do this for all questions being imported into a question?


Thanks in advance for any advice. 


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Steven Benassi

Hi Adam!

It sounds like you're trying to configure quiz options globally across your Storyline project!

Currently, modifying quiz settings across all slides at once is not yet possible. However, the ability to do so is being tracked as a feature request! I've linked this discussion to the feature report and will provide updates as soon as we have news to share!

If you'd like to stay up to date, please bookmark our Feature Roadmap.