Storyline 3 : changing quiz answer highlights on master for question banks

Ugh - this is a complex explanation, but here goes!

I have a bank of questions, I have a Master Slide laid out for quizzes.  Somehow, the question bank puts each question on top of that quiz Master Slide layout (woohoo!) but when I publish and test it I find that the highlight color for choosing an answer from the multiple choices (= the rollover state) is not a good color for my layout. 

How on earth can I change this on that quiz Master?  To show up under the 100 quiz question slides?  It's kind of a mystery that it knew to put my bank of questions on top of the quiz layout template, but I'm glad it does.  Except now that I want to change this small aspect...

If anyone can possibly follow what I am describing here, can you offer help for changing that rollover state color on this quiz Master for my multiple choice answers?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

The color associated with a hover or a selection of an answer is controlled by your theme colors. Here's a tutorial on how to change those.  Control 1 is the hover color for buttons and answer choices (except drag items, drop-down questions, and Likert scale questions, which use Custom 2).

Katherine Murphy

I didn't actually assign a theme, but when I went to Themes and mistakenly just clicked on Office, I guess it applied that theme. 

Then I went in and altered Control 1 and Custom 2 (just in case) and Bob's your Uncle!  It worked perfectly! 

Thanks so much for figuring out what the heck I was talking about and sending out this how-to so fast!