Editing States of Buttons

Jan 28, 2015


I'm having trouble editing states of buttons. In the course I'm doing now, I have buttons with a picture in each. In the Normal state, which is the initial state, I want the pictures to be grayscale. On Hover and Down and Visited, I want them to be full color. I went to the States panel and created a new state for Hover, and planned to duplicate that state for Down and Visited. However, when I change the color on Hover it also changes the color on Normal. I've had the same issue with buttons in other courses, where changing the color of a button in Hover state also changes it in Normal state. When I then try to change Normal state to the way I want, again, it changes all the states. Eventually, I keep trying and it will inexplicably work. It's maddening! Is there a step I'm missing? I've watched the tutorial on states, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 

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