Editing Storyline illustrated characters

I was hoping to edit the storyline illustrated characters so that they had our organisations uniforms etc. I understand from other discussions that this is not a simply process and can be very time consuming.

My question is in relation to the fact that it has been suggested that this may not be allowed due to copyright restrictions. Is this something that is an issue if the characters are going to be used in eLearning created in Articulate Storyline only?

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Jerson  Campos

If you are just trying to export the characters to add your logo and then import the logos as a picture, then it really isn't that hard. 

If you are trying to modify the characters and then import them back in storyline so that you can choose the pose and expression, it would be very time consuming. I wouldn't even attempt this method. I create all my characters from the ground up because SL seems to be very picky when it reads these character files and creating them from scratch helps me identify any issues faster. 

It takes me about 6-8 hours to create an original character.  1/3 of it is sketching/drawing the character and creating the variety of poses and expressions. The rest of the time is spent exporting it so that SL can read it. And this is after a couple of months of practice. It took me 50 hours to create the first one successfully. 

You can see some of my stock characters at my website