Editing Storyline Screen Recordings

Hi, is there a way to edit the actual image (for lack of a better word) of a recorded a screen capture.  Initially I assumed that the “Show me” or “Try  me” feature turned each step into a separate graphic with layered objects.  I can easily manipulate the other objects, and I know I can place new graphics on top of what I have recorded (to alter or hide information I don’t want the student to see), but I have come to realize that I can’t seem to get at the actual image of what I have captured.  Let’s say I’ve  captured some random functionally in Peoplesoft...is there a way to edit the actual Peoplesoft Interface on a slide by slide basis besides layering new images on top?  I hope this makes sense

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Scott,

As far as I know, there's really no way to select the actual image that's rendered from the recording. This tutorial covers editing screen recordings, but I'm not sure if it will help with what you're trying to do. 

Are you just trying to show a different version of that specific section of the screen? Maybe you could take a screenshot of the screen and place it over the original. If you keep it higher than the original recorded image, but under the additional objects in the timeline, you should be able to retain the functionality. 

If this isn't what you're trying to do, let me know. Maybe we can figure out an alternative.


Scott Conrad

Actually what happened is I sent one of my staff to a client site to record several scenarios of an internal database system.  She missed a step or two so I was trying to see if we could mock something up without having to go back an re-record.  I think you're go it right

Thanks for listening Christine!