EDITING the interim iOS Launch Page

Dec 20, 2013

Now I am sure many of you have see this page. And I am sure many of us would like to edit to make it a little more appealing. 

Now there has been an option of skipping this page here. But skipping this can cause issue for media with your course ( it wont play on the first slide, ios requires an interaction before playing media.)


But as stated above I want to edit. Seems like I have found many of the aspects of this page in the published files.

Any of these edits of course would be at our own own risk.  (Articulate won't support this). But I did want to see if any one else had found this also and worked with editing the "ios launch screen". 

When you publish your course open the following file \mobile\player.css. Search for "/* ios launch screen */". Here are all the attributes that set the appearance of your "ios launch screen". 

Its all there! Background colour, Button colours, borders and shadows!

Oh also the image is of course from \story_content\thumbnail.jpg and created each time you publish. Easy to update and change as required.

I have some great success with editing these! But do let me know if you have also tired this yourself with promising results. 


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Louise H

Hi Trav,

Thank you so much for posting this - I would never have found the location of these files! I've recently upgraded to Studio '13 and really wanted to edit this screen. The CSS editing side will have to involve trial and error on my side for a while (it's not something I've done before!), but hoping I can get around it at least in the meantime by replacing the 'thumbnail' image with something else. Will let you know how I get on!

Thanks again


Cliff Porter

Hello everyone.

I too would like any help with this. I am using Storyline to build interactions that then go into a web page as an iFrame. I need to be able to go directly to the first slide without the launcher page. The fix mentioned above works well in SL2 but, having bought SL3 for its greater ability with tablets, can't really use it until I can get rid of the launcher page.

Any help gratefully accepted.


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