Edits to numbered list corrupt file

Oct 07, 2014

I have a text box that has an ordered list. If I edit the text in that list, it corrupts the ENTIRE PROJECT.

I can no longer edit any text box on any slide.

Please see here for additional details. I am opening a case for this.

Until then, what are my workarounds besides downgrading to SL1?

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Brett Rockwood

Tricia, what did you do that got everything working for you as it should?

I just tried again to see if I could narrow things down more and here's what I've discovered. I can change the font of a text box that is using numbering to a Microsoft Office installed font, e.g. Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Comic Sans, Georgia, etc. and I don't have a problem; I can edit the text box as normal and everything works fine. If, however, I change the font to a non-Microsoft Office font, e.g., Myriad, Minion, Adobe Caslon Pro, Garamond, etc., it crashes it every time.

For reference my support case number is #00425031. And I agree, the support folks have always been great. But I'll be happier we this is sorted out.

Tricia Ransom

Hold on Brett, it crashed right after I posted yesterday. I thought it had something to do with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 vs 4.5.1.

Here is what I just learned:

  • If you corrupt a project by editing text that is NOT Microsoft Office installed font, and then use FIle > New to create a new project, that project is corrupted as well.
  • However, if you close SL2, re-open it and create a new project, you can enter any font type you want. You can freely edit fonts that are Microsoft Office installed. If you try to edit non MO fonts, SL2 is corrupted.

My cases are: 00427345 and 00427140

Tricia Ransom

Brett, I've done more testing, and it seems as if you are correct about the font type. I crash whenever I attempt to edit a numbered list that is Open Sourced font.

Crash only happens with the following conditions:

  • Non-Microsoft Office installed fonts   AND
  • Numbered lists (bulleted lists are fine) AND
  • Editing numbered lists AND
  • List item being edited is non-Microsoft Office installed font (list item in other fonts are fine) AND
  • Cursor is at the end of the list item line AND
  • Either on a Slide text box OR in Notes pane

Interesting thing to note: I can edit a numbered list w/out issue using True-Type font OCR A Extended. OCR A Standard (open-sourced font) causes the crash. Same happens with Cooper Black (TT) vs Cooper Black Std (O).

In Notes pane, Brush Script MT (TT) is fine, but Brush Script Std (O) causes the crash.

On slide, Brush Script MT (TT) and Brush Script Std (O)are fine

Sarah Dewar

Great summary, Tricia.

It looks like the solution (for now) is to use MS installed fonts.  Good tip!

I would agree with everything, except I am finding that the error also occur when the cursor is at the beginning of a line.   If I place the cursor at the end of  a line, I can usually press delete to back up the next line into the current one, at which point I can then edit, and press Enter to return it to it's own line.

This bug is  hair-pullingly frustrating, especially since I am trying to update time sensitive information for an Ebola Preparedness course. 

Is there a fix in the works?

Brett Rockwood

Hi Tricia and Sarah,

Great summary indeed, Tricia. I'm still having this issue and I know Miker is working with the QA team on it but no solution yet.

Here is an interesting tip that might help. If you have a text box with numbers applied that is in an non-MO font and want to edit it, first change it to Arial, make your edits, then change it back to whatever your original font was. That has worked for me on a few occasions but is a pretty clunky workaround. (It's also pretty dangerous because if you slip up and change the text while you're in the non-MO font you'll crash Storyline and destroy your file. Tread with caution!)


Brett Rockwood

Hi Sarah,
I'm sure we're not the only ones. In my office alone we have three installations of SL2 with the same issue and it happens to me with my MacBook Pro at home. Frankly, I've yet to see it work... Funny thing is, we never had any problems with numbering in SL1. And the other great improvements to text editing make it almost worth it to avoid using numbering.

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