Efficiently creating closed captioning

Jan 08, 2018


I'm new to creating closed captioning in SL 360. Is it more efficient to:

  1.  Create text-to-speech audio within SL.
  2. Export the audio for the entire course into .SRT files
  3. Create professional narration. 
  4. Insert audio following this direction "If your caption files have the same names as your media files and are stored in the same folder with the media, they’ll automatically import into Storyline 360 when you import your media."

Do the first two steps create efficiency. Am I missing a step.

Thanks for your help!




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Bob O'Donnell

1. Text to speech is obviously quicker. I did find in testing it there are certain words you may need to "train" the system to pronounce correctly. Its pretty good though. When it generates the CCing the text blocks may need a little editing.

2. If you're still referring to Text to Speech, exporting the audio to .srt doesn't gain you anything.

3. Professional narration - you can easily take your script and copy and paste the narration into the built-in CC editor. Its actually pretty efficient to do it this way.

4. We use to create all our CCing files this way. It works fine but is time consuming. I feel its more efficient to insert your audio file and then simply copy/paste your text into Storyline's editor directly.

So, my two cents - Record your audio either professionally or in-house and then use the narration script to copy the text lines and paste it into the CCing editor caption blocks. We just did  6 courses with full narration and I can't imagine going back to generating it another way.

John Morris

This is very interesting.  Step four especially, just a quick clarification.  If, after I have recorded my human voice over, I give the audio files the same names as the audio files for the TTS they will automatically be "seen" by Storyline and used?  Am I getting this correct?

If so, that really is quite cool.  I can make good use of this.

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