eLearn course survey, evaluation and learner feedback

Jul 20, 2020

I'd be really interested to know how other eLearn professionals go about gathering learner feedback on their courses i.e. once the course has launched, the learner has taken the course and they're asked to give feedback. Of particular interest would be:

  • how did you gather feedback (online survey, email, focus groups, 1-2-1)
  • what tool did you use?

I'm using LMS365 and Forms to gather feedback at the moment.
Thanks all!

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Joe Moorman

HI, I saw you wrote this some time ago, but am trying to use the review process now in Articulate.  

In my last job, (but not in Articulate), I embedded a survey monkey feedback form.  This worked really well.  I made it a point to not have written feedback, however, because then it would require constant monitoring.  By just asking questions I was able to still gather some data but not have to follow up with users.