eLearning development process

Mar 14, 2022

Hello AS community,

As the only instructional designer in a company of some 1,300 people, I am attempting to make the development process somewhat more robust.

The main issue I have encountered is Subject Matter Experts sending through half baked power point files and expecting these to be converted into polished eLearning modules.

Needless to say, most of the time I need to verify the basics such as the name of the course, target audience, language, processes, use of images through to governance (who actually reviews / approves).

Ultimately it's leading to frustration at the SME level and mine (articulate build).

I've done up a little eLearning development project file (see attached) but would be interested if others have hit similar issues and if so, how can things be improved?

Thanks in advance.



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Sue Blake

Hi Anthony, I can relate to your frustration.  We are 800 employees and I create the Storyline and Rise e-learning and my manager also creates Rise content.  Our main frustrations are the constant tweaking at the review stage (sometimes contradicting what another reviewer has suggested) and the lack of consideration for the LMS interaction and therefore allowing little time for testing at that point.   Your project file is great and captured at the initial stage I am sure will help.  I think developing the storyboard aspect and review criteria is something we will develop going forward.

All the best.