Building a checklist in Articulate Storyline 2

We are in the process of taking a classroom-based course for managers and converting it into a blended learning program.  The course is to provide managers with tools and resources to help their employees develop their careers.  What I would like to build is an eLearning program that presents the managers with 4-6 employee scenarios.  Each scenario will provide background information on the employee, such as experience, skill set and career goals (if identified) and the managers will need to identify what phase the the career development process the employee is in and more importantly what tools they would like to use to help develop this employee further. 

I would like the eLearning program to have "buckets" associated with each phase of the development cycle and within those buckets there will be multiple tools that the Managers can read about and decide if they want to use to develop the employee from the scenario.  I would like the managers to be able to go to each bucket, pick any and all tools they want to use, have the eLearning program assemble the list of tools and the Manager be able to print out this list to bring to the classroom portion of the program and discuss why they chose the tools they chose.  

Can this be something built within Articulate?

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