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We are in the process of taking a classroom-based course for managers and converting it into a blended learning program.  The course is to provide managers with tools and resources to help their employees develop their careers.  What I would like to build is an eLearning program that presents the managers with 4-6 employee scenarios.  Each scenario will provide background information on the employee, such as experience, skill set and career goals (if identified) and the managers will need to identify what phase the the career development process the employee is in and more importantly what tools they would like to use to help develop this employee further. I would like the eLearning program to have "buckets" associated with each phase of the development cycle and within those buckets there will be multiple tools that the Managers can read about and decide if they want to use to develop the employee from the scenario.  I would like the managers to be able to go to each bucket, pick any and all tools they want to use, have the eLearning program assemble the list of tools and the Manager be able to print out this list to bring to the classroom portion of the program and discuss why they chose the tools they chose.  

Can this be something built within Articulate?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Doug!

Thanks for posting here in the E-learning Heroes forums!

Yes, what you've described can be built using Storyline. The course you're creating sounds somewhat complex (multiple scenarios, branching, making selections, printing) so I can't give you one way of doing this. There are multiple ways to approach each aspect of this course, but it can absolutely be done with Storyline. Sounds like an awesome e-learning project! Good luck and have fun with it!

Doug Bauernschmidt


Thank you for the reply, but I really could use some advice on how to build the list interaction.  I am not sure how a list can be created by a user clicking in other areas of the program.  Is there a trigger that adds text to a text box or a list?  I really don't know how to do that.


Nancy Woinoski


Hey Doug, not sure if this example by Michael Hintz addresses all your design requirements but it might point you in the right direction. He presents a "list of topics in a course and lets user select the ones they want to see and then complies the course based on the user's selection.



Nicole Legault

Hi Doug, thanks for clarifying your question.

If you want to share information across slides in your course (like you do in this case, you want selections made on one slide to be reflected on a different slide) you'll need to use what are called variables.

You can add variables and adjust them using triggers, and then make certain items appear on a slide based on which items were clicked elsewhere in the course (and which variables were adjusted). Here are some links to a few tutorials that may be helpful:

Hope this helps!