eLearning Guild Biased?

Oct 21, 2016


Did any of you receive an email with an Adobe ad comparing Captivate to Storyline? I was surprised to see it coming to me under a Guild email address. I sent a note to the Guild:

"I was under the impression that the eLearning Guild was a “community of practice” and a “service of Focuszone Media, Inc.”. As such, I believed it to be unbiased. Sending this Adobe ad under the eLearning Guild email address strikes me as biased and therefore, inappropriate. I understand sponsors and advertisers might reach out to us from time to time, however, having the Adobe email come under the “elgd.com” address is deceptive, and again, biased. Please help me understand your position on this."

I would appreciate hearing what  folks in this community think.



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Other than Adobe's side-acknowledgement that Storyline is the only other major player in the market, the email and "delivery" method is of very little importance as far as I'm concerned.

If one is serious about their e-learning development environment the first thing they should do is research - try out every software solution out there, before they choose. Trials are available for both applications so that's that.

Just my 2c,

Joy McGinty

I wanted to update you all with the response I received from David Holcombe, President and CEO of The eLearning Guild. It seems as though several Guild members had similar concerns about the email. I appreciate his timely and thoughtful reply, as well as the Guild's policy. Here is David's response (bold emphasis mine):

The eLearning Guild is a community of practice and we work hard to provide unbiased information to our members and also to provide a level playing field for all industry suppliers. As such we do offer all industry advertisers the option of having promotional emails sent to members who have opted in to receive such messages. We use the “eldg.com” email address only for 3rd party advertising email distributions.

 We do not endorse any products or services offered by any industry supplier. Like any media organization we only convey the messages they ask us to convey. We also don’t have the authority to edit promotional messages sent to us by industry advertisers for distribution to our members. It is the advertisers who hold sole responsibility for the messages they send. In this case Adobe has chosen to send a message that I think is ill advised. Adobe has been advertising via the Guild for years and this is the first time they have ever used a message like this. Yours is but one of the emails we have received about it today.

 I will personally be sharing these concerns with Adobe, and I will strongly advise them to reconsider sending similar messages in the future.

 If you would like to stop receiving 3rd Party Emails you should modify your Contact Preferences in your member profile by unchecking “Third Party Email Announcements”. 

Thank you for your membership in the eLearning Guild and for providing this important feedback.

Best Regards,
David Holcombe
President & CEO
The eLearning Guild

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