Elements disappearing from layers


I am testing my storyline module on an ipad with the articulate mobile player. I am having some issues with elements within layers that just disappear. The issue does not appear when viewing the module on a normal browser so I can't determine the problem. 

I attach a link to the module so it can be reviewed, the module has to be done by the end of the week and this kind of problems are really annoying and time consuming, articulate storyline is an incredible tool but it has a lot of problems interacting with the articulate mobile player app. 


Here's the link: https://norariceup.articulate-online.com/2389129785

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Nora Soler Pastor

No, it doesn't, there are, however, some issues with gifs and images being substituted my huge squares with question mark signs but I think it's an issue with optimization and I've been able to solve some of this issues. Also the browser crashes when accessing some slides but then you can restart the module when the browser opens again.

But no, it's only a problem with the AMP app

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nora.  I'm having trouble accessing the link you provided in your original post.  Could you copy it again in a reply? 

I'm thinking you're using Storyline 2 to create your content.  Can you confirm what update of Storyline 2 you’re using?  Go to Help > About Storyline. 

Lastly, if you can share your .story file here, I'd love to test it out on my end.  Thanks!