Eliminating some languages from "text labels"

Aug 02, 2020

I want to keep just Spanish, English and Hebrew as possible text label languages. What folder do I go in to delete the rest of the languages? May I set Spanish as a default language until I need to change it to English as my default language? Thanks!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Gregorio!

We don't recommend removing languages from the Text Labels area in the Player. However, you can customize the text labels and save as a new language! Have you tried this?

Here's how to save the text labels as a new language:

1. Open the Player and select Text Labels.

2. Change the Language of the Text Labels and feel free to make edits!

3. Use the Save button  to save the new text labels.  

4. These will now appear under the Custom heading in the Language drop-down.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Gregorio Billikopf

Thanks, this worked nicely! Because I am dealing with so many files, it would be great if there was a shortcut to my new saved language. Or the possibility of setting it as a default, until I need to change it back to English. (And doing this without having to change the whole program to Spanish). Thanks again. Great solution.

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