Jun 08, 2012


I am using states in my eLearning for multiple language support...

The default language is english however if I switch for example to spanish the scrollbar does not scroll the whole spanish text...

the scrollbar only scrolls the length of the english text... should it not scroll the complete set of characters in the textbox?



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Jonathan Workman

Having worked with translations and elearning, I think I have an idea about what may be going on.  If I understand you correctly, you are creating a custom scroll area to input your text that may also be your narration.  I think what you may need to do is format the scroll area to the longest text (most likely Spanish).  This will leave some "white space" at the bottom of your English text but will allow you to scroll through all of your Spanish text.

I also run into this challange with German and Dutch as it takes more space to display translated text in these languages as well.  The only languages I've run into so far that don't have this problem are Asian languages that uses symbols instead of our traditional alpha-numeric text display.

Hope that helps, Rob!

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