Emailing user entered email

Jan 21, 2021

Is there any way that I could possibly have a user of my course enter their email into a text input and have that information relayed to the Send Email trigger, so that the course itself can send them documents they require? 

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Jaycee Sipagan

Hello Declan,

I tried to dig in for an easier way to do this but it seems like your best option is using JavaScript. 

Storyline doesn't include an email results feature as detailed here, so you'll want to look at using a method such as those mentioned in this thread. There are also similar discussions within the community that you can use as additional references.

It seems that the email feature wasn't included because of security risks as well. For example, if you use Gmail or your computer’s security settings are high, you can’t email results. Also, you run the risk of learners tampering with results since they can access the email before it’s sent.

I hope this helps. I wish you best of luck. :)