Embed very complex spreadsheet in storyline 2?

Apr 13, 2017

Hi, I have a spreadsheet very complicated with many algorithms and math equations. I want the learner can input some data, and see the results immediately in the spreadsheet.

I can't build this spreadsheet in storyline, as it's too complex with so many complicated equations. Storyline cannot handle it. So ideally i can embed the spreadsheet in Storyline. Google docs or sheet is not authorised in the company. I tried with the published link of sharepoint. it doesn't work, the spreadsheet cannot display in the output file.

What can I do? The spreadsheet must be insert as a web object? it doesn't work for me. Is there any other possibilities? insert as an object for example?



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nech nay

Thank you Alyssa for your help. I tried your solution, but it enables the download of the file. I don't want the user to download it, but want it to be opened in storyline and let the user interact with it. Another solution may be the screencasting, that just shows how-to-use the spreadsheet. Anyway, thank you very much.

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