vimeo video as web object 2

Not sure what happened to the original thread but it doesn't seem to be allowing replies:

Anyway - I got the embed video from site to work by deleting everything from the vimeo embed code except what was within the iframe tags.

The web object still gives:

"This content cannot be displayed in a frame.
To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame. "

The extra info in the insert video embed code I can understand, the failure of the url for web object is still puzzling me.

Will give it another go...

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Karl Gunter

I can get the web object to appear in the player as a grey box by selecting the 'in new browser window' and 'when clicked' options, but still failing on 'in slide'. No settings changed other than those options.

I've tried multiple files and different browsers, HD and SD, absolutely basic projects - all very puzzling.

I really hope that proper fullscreen  toggle functionality within the player is coming soon!

Thanks, Michael - I'll take a look at your link and get back.

Karl Gunter

Thanks Michael

I got the embed code for video from site working by truncating down to the iframe tags and you've gone a step further and truncated that down to the player URL to use as the web object target.  I should have opened the wine earlier!

What threw me was that the standard URL, when tested, was working fine.

There I was thinking that the link code from vimeo's share option was the standard link URL,  but you are actually using from the embed code instead.

Makes sense. I owe you a beer!



James Dubendorf

Hello All,

I'm having some trouble navigating these waters! I can successfully insert a vimeo video into an articulate storyline 2 project as a web object, but only when set to display in a new window.

Pretty sure I follow the truncated url discussion above, but could have missed something...

When I try to display in slide, or embed, my browser eventually leads me to this warning:

When I test links from within the edit web object panel, I get the 'displayed in frame' warnings mentioned above by Karl.

Has anyone successful streamed vimeo video as embedded/displayed in slide? How about from within an LMS? As scorm/tin can/etc.?

Could the dimension of the embedded objects play a role in this?

Any help is much appreciated.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James,

I'm not having any difficulty embedding videos from vimeo using the embed code, and going to Insert - Video - from website. Here is an example (I pulled the first video I saw on Vimeo's site).  

I tested it in Chrome v 38 - can you let me know if you're able to check that one out and how it works for you?