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May 12, 2016


I entered the url address of my youtube videos as a web object in a slide and an embed code of a Vimeo video to another slide always in slide.
When I run storyline 2 from server, both Chrome and Firefox, inexplicably in the slide can not see either of the two videos.

The Youtube and Vimeo videos only work with Display> Show> in new browser window.
I know that in 2015 Google has set some limits of publication, but I thought to solve them, as indicated by your tutor, with a Web Object!

Same result by inserting an embed code into an HTML page and then inserted into a slide as a web object.

I checked if I could find a solution on other threads in the community and the media articulate storyline e.i. on "How to add a YouTube video" to storyline and on the storyline books.

It seems that it is not possible to watch a video on a slide if not with "video from file" by entering the URL of the video file from the server. Otherwise I do not see anything, and the page is totally white.

I do not understand why I have to use a Web Object to post a video when then just post a picture of the cover and match a url of the video trigger in another browser page?
I never expected to have this limit, especially on Vimeo?

You have any useful tip to all who have this doubt?

Thanks for collaboration

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