Embed Video not showing thumbnail when published on Saba

Jan 14, 2021

I am adding an Embed video from my company's secured website and I see the video once in Storyline but when publishing the content in Saba, the video shows a grey screen with Web Object location, instead of a thumbnail of the video, I have read a lot of previous questions but haven't find the exact same issue, I am attaching the process images

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Adriana!

Thank you so much for sharing the screenshots! It sounds like this is only happening after uploading the course onto Saba. Have you tried uploading the course to SCORM cloud? SCORM cloud is a free industry-standard testing Learning Management System and a great tool to see if the issue is specific to the course or the LMS.

Do you mind testing the course in SCORM cloud to see if the web object loads properly? If it loads properly, I'd reach out to Saba to see what they recommend. If the web object doesn't load, I'd recommend sharing the project with our Support Engineers for 1:1 assistance.