embed YouTube code or download video file and insert?

Nov 13, 2013

I assume that, for file size, I should always take advantage of pasting embed code instead of downloading the file and inserting it afterwards. Correct? What if SL is unable to connect to YouTube when the video is supposed to play? Are there situations where I should choose to insert a file rather than the embed code? What is the best practice?



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Job Vlaming

hi Joseph, 

I've made a few courses with a lot of video in them. Storyline is really good at handling large video's. And I haven't encountered a limit on file size. 

If your LMS can handle it, I recommend inserting the video's directly. This also minimizes playback issues you may encounter on your users' side. Many companies block youtube and vimeo.

Of course the Storyline file will take longer to save and load. But the wait isn't that long if you have a fast machine.

Good luck!


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