Embedded Videos from Website Continue Playing On Other Slides in HTML5 (SL2)

When placing a "video from website "on a slide using an embed code and playing back via the HTML5 version, when moving to the next slide, the video starts to replay on the next slide, even though the video is not on that slide (the audio sounds without the video). Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

We are using Storyline 2, so my follow up question is: Is this behavior fixed in Storyline 360/3?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lee,

Can you share a bit more information about your set-up:

  • Are you utilizing a Vimeo video or what is the source website?
  • What browser is this issue happening in?

I just want to be sure I'm focused on looking at the correct issue and I will be happy to test if the same behavior happens in newer projects. You are welcome to share your .story file as well if you wish.

Lee Millard

Leslie, I actually answered my own question. Through Kaltura I am embedding a video that is set up to auto-play. I have that same video on the second slide, but on a separate layer. Apparently the auto-play video is loading and playing when the slide loads, even though the layer isn't showing. This leads me to another question: Is there a way to not load a video from website until, say, the user clicks the button to show the layer? Many thanks!