Embedding a Help Page in Storyline?

Jun 06, 2012

I would like to know whether is there a way to insert a help page in Storyline as we usually do in Presenter 09.

Steps I follow to create a hel page in Storyline is:

a. Create a Media tour/labelled graphic interaction

b. Importing the engage file as a player tab in presenter 09.

Is there a way similar to the above mentioned steps? or suggest a better enhanced way of how best I can do in Storyline?

thanks for your support!

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Ragunathakrishnan G

Thanks for sharing this. We are working on a business proposal with one of our clients and before that we would like to get the following clarifications in Storyline:

  1. We would like to confirm whether a trigger cannot be used for the Previous button and also whether the previous button takes to the slide last viewed and not the exact previous slide.
  2. Is there a possibility of disabling the draggable feature of the seek bar in a particular slide?
  3. Can we view slides notes from the bottom of the slide as we do in Articulate Presenter 09 by selecting "View Slides notes from the bottom"?
Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ragunathakrishn,


There's a post on controlling the seekbar here:


Notes Pages

I just played with and then took a look at the the tutorial (http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/inserting-slide-notes.aspx) on Storyline Notes and I don't see an option to view notes at the bottom. Perhaps someone will let us know whether it's possible or if we should place a feature request.

Prev Button

Well, it seems it does in fact bring you to last slide viewed, not exact previous slide. Can't believe I hadn't noticed this before. Don't know what you mean about a trigger for the previous button. Maybe someone has answered as I've been typing this.

Jeanette Brooks
  1. That's true, currently there isn't a way to control the behavior of the Previous button via triggers. What some folks do is remove the built-in Prev/Next buttons on the player, and create their own nav buttons on the slide itself, so that they have more control by adding triggers and conditions. And yes - the built-in Previous button does take the learner to the slide they previously viewed (which might not necessarily be the slide that comes right before the current slide in a linear order).
  2. When a seekbar is enabled on a slide, users will be able to click and drag to "scrub" through the slide's duration, or rewind the slide if they want. There isn't currently a way to disable that behavior to make the seekbar a visual indicator only, but that would make a great feature request!
  3. The slide notes feature on the player allows you to display the slide notes in either the sidebar or as a clickable button on the player's top bar, but there isn't currently a way to move the slide notes to the bottom of the player. One alternative is to use a slide layer with a scrolling panel, instead of the built-in slide notes. Check out the screencast in this tutorial (jump to about the 35-second mark) for an example. If you'd like to see that story file, just lemme know and I can attach it here.

Hope that helps!

Ragunathakrishnan G


Onething i'm surprised is that why the Previous button functionailty is designed like that it goes to the last slide viwed?

But will that will be changed in the next release such that the users should be given an option to change that condition either go to the slide last viewed or to the previous slide in the actual course.

Jeanette Brooks

Sure - I've attached the example of  the slide notes idea to this post.

Regarding the Previous button's behavior, yeah, the logic behind that is that most course developers these days are moving toward non-linear course designs, where a learner might arrive at a slide from any number of different places within the course. So, when a learner clicks the Previous button, they typically expect the button to behave similarly to a web browser's "Back" button, where they return to whatever screen they most recently viewed. That said, I can also see why in certain situations you might want to have more control over whether it behaves that way vs. just backing up one slide. I can't really predict whether the current behavior will change in future versions, but I do know that our dev team pays attention to feature requests, so the more voices, the better!

Jeanette Brooks

When you choose to have the video play automatically, by default the learner will still be able to click the video to start/stop it. But an easy way to prevent that is to draw a hotspot over the video (on the Insert tab, choose Hotspot and draw a rectangular hotspot over the video, but just don't assign any trigger action to it). That way you're essentially covering the video with an invisible shape that prevents it from being clicked on.

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