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Aug 06, 2014


I am trying to embed a Qualtrics survey into my course as a web object. The survey doesn't load in any browser and displays this message in IE "This content cannot be displayed in a frame". Also, I tested this on iPad and the survey did load!

We have been using Survey Monkey previously and never any issues, has anyone come across anything similar?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jody and welcome to Heroes!

If the web object doesn't display and you're receiving that error message, it sounds like the item mentioned at the bottom of this support article:

If your web object still won't display, it's likely that the hosting website has configured its X-Frame-Options toSAMEORIGIN or DENY. This means it can't be viewed in an iframe, such as a web object container in Storyline. A common example is Facebook.

I'm not familiar with Survey Monkey and how it has worked previously, but is it possible they've updated something on their end? You mentioned the item did display within HTML5 on the iPad? Have you tried pointing directly to the HTML5 link within Chrome (use the story_html5.html link)? I'm curious if they've set restrictions on the Flash content.

Jody McGurk

Hi Ashley thanks for your reply, I contacted Qualtrics and they have said our account does not allow survey to be embedded in I frames. I have been told to contact our account manager to get access to this feature (sounds like they will be wanting some money)

I haven't tried going directly to the HTML 5 version, I will give that a tomorrow!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jody,

If that feature is not included in your account, but it did work on the iPad, it's definitely worth checking the HTML5 within Chrome on your desktop. It may bypass some Flash restrictions...although I don't know that I would rely on that for a long term solution. As I mentioned, I don't know enough about Qualtrics, but I'm assuming you're using it as you don't have an LMS to report the survey/quiz answers to from Storyline? What about instead embedding a Google form/doc? Those work well as web objects, collect the same type of information in terms of seeing users's answers and are free.

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