Embedding Articulate Storyline 2 File in Canvas LMS

Sep 02, 2015

I published an Articulate Storyline 2 file and added the file to the "files" section of my Canvas course. When I add the story.html file to a page in a module it adds it as a link and it opens in the same window, but not on the same page as the content. 

Is there a way to use an iframe or other method to make sure the file is embedded on the page with the content rather than opening outside of it? 



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Maricel Medina-Mora

This is the method that I follow:

  1. Create a Canvas Page
  2. Click on the HTML source
  3. Add the following code<p><iframe src="https://bc.instructure.com/courses/..." width="980" height="658" ></iframe></p>
  4. Now, search the file through the files menu and add it to the page
  5. You will get a code similar to this:
    <a href="https://bc.instructure.com/files/.../download?verifier=r3W3USnDFMdvhwk3j2Gl2zoiyxLbHu21ubL12p4H&amp;wrap=1" title="story_html5.html" class="instructure_file_link">story_html5.html</a>
  6. The link under href= is the one that needs to be added to the attribute src on the <iframe..> tag (step 3).

Hope this helps!

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