embedding printable document in Storyline?

I was wondering if it were possible to embed an editable document as a web object in Storyline for students to enter information and then print out.

My idea was to post a PDF they could type in their class schedule and then print out.

Is that possible? If not, any suggestions on how to accomplish what I want to do.  In the end I guess I can just link to the document in our LMS, but if it is apart of the SCORM package, then the student will be more apt to complete it.

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Jesse Spinella

That's a great idea... you might have to set up a JavaScript print button to actually print out a page, but, to create a class schedule, that shouldn't be too difficult. You'll just need data entry fields to input the information, and recall them in a format that you design on a second page. Then, with the JavaScript print button, you can print out that finished page.

I just made a quick data entry field for entering the class name and a class time menu. And displayed the info on the second slide with a print button. In order to see the print button in action, you'll have to publish the .story file and run it for it to work.

Check this out...