Embedding videos as web object - not using youtube

Aug 07, 2019

Hi, I'm working on a project where I'll need to include a large number of lengthy videos into one storyline file. To keep the file size from getting out of hand, I wanted to host the video on a secure website and embed them on slides as web objects.

But when I try, I keep getting a message "the web address you entered cannot be displayed in a frame. In order to function properly, this web object must be set to open in a new browser window."

It's just an mp4. I tried linking directly to the video, and embedding the video in html with dreamweaver first. The videos play if I put the path into a web broswer, but not in storyline. 

I've gotten videos to work using this method if I put them on youtube first and embed the link, but the client won't allow us to host their content on youtube.

I appreciate any suggestions.


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