Embedding VImeo Video

Mar 27, 2020

Hi my Vimeo video is private and can be accessed only through specific domains. I want to add it into storyline 360 along with other interactivity. How do I create an exception for storyline in vimeo videos?

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Tyler Braddick


After reviewing Vimeo's article regarding domain privacy on videos at Vimeo Privacy Settings it's only blocking domains, since Storyline is a desktop app it should not experience any issues.

However, if you're looking to make sure that the you can use the project in Review to get feedback or if you choose Rise over Storyline 360 you'll need to add other exceptions.

Information regarding domains that Articulate uses can be found here: Articulate 360 Network Endpoints

Additionally, if you decide to host this project on any site you would need to create an exception for those domains in Vimeo's settings.

If you have additional questions regarding Vimeo's privacy settings you will need to reach out to their support team.

Hope this helps getting your video embedded into your project. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist.