Embeded file required to be viewed before next slide

I have a file embedded within the presentation. We want to force the user to click the button to see the document before they can proceed.  I have it set up so the user has to click the button, and the timeline has to complete before advancing to the next slide.  However, if the user just watches the entire slide, then clicks the button, it automatically proceeds to the next slide since the two triggers have been met without opening the document.

Is there a way to force them to click the button AND view the document before advancing to the next slide? Or not since the document opens as a web page?

I have attached the slide for reference. Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton


I don't think there is a way to do it all with one click, but I think it can be done.

First, I think you need to edit the audio. It seems unrealistic to me to have a button that says "Click here" appear on the screen while the narrator instructs "Click on the button", then expect the learner to wait another 15 seconds for the audio to complete before they click. So that's one problem. Cut the audio after the click here instruction, and put the remainder ("you're probably ...") at the beginning of the next slide.

Then these steps:

the learner clicks on the Handout button

It shows a layer which stops the base timeline, which allows it to start its own timeline

Starting the layer timeline initiates a jump to the document, which may or may not hide the current layer

After 5 seconds elapse on the layer timeline, the "Click to continue" button appears

When the learner clicks the "Click to continue" button, it jumps to the next slide.

I don't think you can ever force them to read the document, but by adjusting the time before the click to continue button appears, you can at least force them to open it.

See the attached