Advancing Slides

Jan 02, 2013

I am having trouble advancing slides when I have a second layer I want to show before advancing to the next slide. 

On the base layer I am saying "show layer "X" when the user clicks the next button. Then, on layer "X" I am saying, "Jump to next slide when user clicks the next button." 

No matter where I put the jump to next slide trigger, I can't get the functionality to show the second layer on the first click of next button, and show the next slide on the second click of the next button." 

Please help.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mark,

Thought I'd jump in. I think Phil meant to type "off stage." So, let's say you place a rectangle off stage (not on the slide), on the layer. Then, set set the rectangle's state to selected when the timeline for the layer starts.

Go back to the base layer and change the Jump to next slide player trigger so that it works when the rectangle on that layer is equal to selected.

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