Enabling Skip Navigation Shortcut With No Tabs

Mar 11, 2021

Hi Community!

We are using a custom player template and would like to utilize the skip navigation shortcut independently of using player tabs.

Why must, at least one, a player tab be selected, in order to enable this feature. How can NO player tabs be selected AND the skip navigation shortcut ENABLED?

Thanks and appreciate thoughts and or workarounds, if possible.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa,

You are correct. If you turn off all the player tabs (menu, notes, etc), Storyline turns off the skip navigation shortcut for you, and the player setting to disable it is grayed-out.

If you do not have any player options enabled, then the option to skip navigation would not be needed.

Can you share the behavior that you are seeing so that we can take a closer look?

Lisa Anderson

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for your response. Our company uses a chromeless custom player that works specifically with our LMS player options. We have a high population of users who require accessibility accommodations and the "skip navigation shortcut" in the new storyline updates improves their experience to tab "back to top".

It seems in order to utilize this feature and all other accessibility updates, which we've been waiting for, we have to use either the modern or class player and a built in player tab. Why is the skip navigation shortcut feature connected only to the built in players and can't be used with a custom player, utilizing no built in player tabs?

Thank you and I truly appreciate your input.


Leslie McKerchie

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Lisa. 

This feature allows learners can skip repetitive navigation elements, such as the built-in player tabs to conform to WCAG 2.4.1 requirements.

Have you looked at adjusting the custom focus order in your project to accommodate the correct flow you'd like to present to these users?