Ending a Zoom Region

Jul 02, 2013

I created a zoom region and it works fine.  The program zooms to a close up of a whiteboard.  I have three layers on the slide.  Two of the layers show the white board with the zoom and that's fine.  The third layer needs to show the entire screen, but I still get the zoom feature.  Is there a way to zoom out on a layer that has a zoom in on the base layer?

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Carlos Rubinstein

Hi Alan,

In my experience, Zoom regions act like a magnifying glass held over the Storyline stage, magnifying whatever is visible during its timeline.

Maybe you could use a state change on a 'moved to Back' image, where the 'zoom' state uses a Grow entry animation to reveal a scaled-up version of your 'moved to Back' image, and then display the other layer(s)...Am I making any sense?

Best of luck,


Mary Ann Kowalczyk (Hagemann)

I am having a similar issue as Alan I believe.  My situation is this:

I am showing a city skyline.  I want to zoom into one of the buildings.  Once zoomed, 5 buttons will show up in the building, zoomed. You can click on one of these 5 buttons to display, say, Layer 1, which displays completely on top of the base layer. But this Layer 1 needs to be full size, not zoomed.  I want to be able to click on a Close button on Layer 1 to hide Layer 1 once the content is done displaying, to go back to the base layer (which should still be zoomed, so I can see the 5 buttons larger).  The problem I am having is that since I want the base layer to be zoomed in on those 5 buttons, and to stay zoomed from that point forward, I am not able to show Layer 1 without it being zoomed.  Is there a way around this?  Let me know if you need clarification about any of this. I know it sounds confusing.

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