Ending the course so that it registers on the ELMS correctly

Jul 30, 2014

When our staff complete their e-learning it sometimes records as unsuccessful even though it is published as complete/incomplete. The triggers i have added always say go to next slide at the end of the course because I can't find a way of ending the course. Can anyone help me with this?

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Wanda Blackett

Not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly - but if I am, then perhaps this would help. When you go to publish, have a look at your Reporting/Tracking options. In Tracking, there is an option to track the number of slides viewed. For it to be recorded as "completed," the default is that the user must have viewed all of the slides. I will usually change this to at least 1 less, just in case the user doesn't exactly get to the "end" of the sides.

Valerie Cullen

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have set the courses as completed in publish but for some reason it still doesn't record them in the ELMS correctly. I'll try changing the number of pages to one less.

I wondered if there was somewhere in the trigger section to select 'exit the course' but I couldn't find anything.

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