Engage in Storyline is different than when Published?

Aug 12, 2013

I have a Storyline file with an Engage File inserted. I can go to the editable Engage file by clicking on it in the Storyline file and "Edit in Engage." I can also publish the Storyline file fine and have an Engage file play in the publish. The publish is NOT the same Engage that is in the Storyline file though. I need to edit text that shows in the published Engage, but I can't access what is showing in the publish. Is there some back door way that this storyline file could of been built that is linking to some other Engage file? The storyline file has been transferred to me via FTP and I am not opening on the computer that did the original work. The course plays and functions fine otherwise, in opening and publishing on my end. Anyone know how this could be happening? Engage in course is NOT what shows when published. Please help.



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Garrett Metz

Hi Leisa-

I actually did something similar to this yesterday.

I had an Engage Glossary Interaction imported and inserted on a Storyline Slide.

I had to make a text edit to the Glossary first in Engage. So find your engage file, make your change in Engage and then Save the interaction. You don't need to publish the interaction. Just save the file.

Then from Storyline, RE-Import the file you just saved into another scene in Storyline. You can then copy and paste it onto your desired slide.

The updates will show upon Storyline publish (not when previewing).

I hope this helps.


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